Mike Gingerich

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Hi, I'm Mike Gingerich. I help businesses grow efficiencies in processes and gain more leads on the web.  It's about the right tools (website, web software, and social media) and the right strategies with social media and online marketing. If you'd like to know how we can work together, please contact me.

I speak to audiences and lead workshops on social media lead generation, latest trends in web and social media marketing, and more.  

Learn more about my speaking.  See my latest book: Game Plan for Social Media Lead Generation.

Web Strategy  |  Social Media  |  Leadership

You’ve got business growth questions, let’s get to answers!

I keep it simple.  

I help businesses and organizations achieve new levels of profits and productivity.

I do this through my Podcast (Halftime Mike), my blog, my book, and through services on online marketing strategy, business web development, and digital operations.

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Discover my Difference:

My angle is that to be successful, your business needs to differentiate by adding value and being uncommon.  

I live by that and would love to help your business.  Our team builds web software, designs websites, runs online campaigns, and manages social media.

What else sets me apart?  

I've got a global giving mindset.  I use my skills to help others in great need but with limited resources. That's led me to found a non-profit, iGive Global, and sent me to places like Iraq, Honduras, Morocco, and Kenya.

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