The 'Halftime Mike' Podcast Show

Thanks for stopping by to checkout my podcast. I'm Mike Gingerich, host of 'Halftime Mike'. I provide no-nonsense practical tips on social media and online marketing. My aim is to cover relevant and leading edge topics to help small and medium sized businesses take advantage of the opportunities in social and digital media.

As a Hoosier native and avid basketball fan, I use basketball's "halftime" as my theme. In any basketball game, halftime is a key midpoint evaluation time because, "the adjustments made at halftime, help you win the game in the second half!" Let me be your halftime coach to spur you on to victory!

Business has Changed! Relationship Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service is Here


Is your sales, marketing and customer support model evolving? It had better be! People and businesses want more care and connection with their chosen business.  The days of sales blasts and obnoxious salesmen are dwindling. Business today that lasts is built on RELATIONSHIPS! In this … [Read more...]

Contest Code: How to Run Successful Social Media Contests


Social Media Contests....All the rage, but how do you get results? Is your business considering ways to up your game online using social media contests but you're not confident on the process? Needing a game plan for a social media contest?  There's more to a social media contest than simply … [Read more...]

Pinterest Updates for Business Marketing with Azure Collier

Azure Collier talks Pinterest

Pinterest is driving traffic to websites in amazing fashion! Did you know that e-commerce purchases right on Pinterest have started? All this and more on Pinterest updates for business marketing in this podcast! It's all about informing you on the latest trends on Pinterest.  From, … [Read more...]

Insider Tips on Trends in Online Video with Sunny Lenarduzzi


It's raw, it's uncut! It's all about what's happening with video and livestreaming! Sunny Lenarduzzi is spectacular and informative....Mike's audio improves as the interview goes on.... It's all about informing you on the latest trends in online video today!  From YouTube to Facebook video, … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding Campaigns: How One Startup Ran a Wildly Successful Kickstarter Campaign


Have you thought about running Crowdfunding campaigns? Are you familiar with how they operate? Would you like to learn the Secret Sauce from a successful Kickstarter campaign? Join me as I dive into this and more in this "Part 2" Podcast episode with the founders of KOOSHOO. Jesse … [Read more...]

KOOSHOO: Ecommerce Store Grows with Feeling and Doing Good


They left their jobs in corporate America. Purchasing one-way tickets, they headed to Asia. She's from a tiny island called Norfolk, that's roughly 3 miles by 5 miles in size between New Zealand and Australia. Their backgrounds and experiences ultimately led them to start a ecommerce store … [Read more...]

Facebook News Feed Personalization with “See First” Option


It's a FIRST! I recorded my podcast LIVE on Periscope! Yes, I use the Twitter tool and talked Facebook, producing my podcast in real-time video and then simply creating this post and loading the file to my podcaster service, Libsyn. I think you'll want to listen in because this is … [Read more...]

Drastic Life Results with Toni Harris


How many of us would like to see some drastic life results?? Have you had some bumps and setbacks, or are you struggling to get that online business to the next level? You'll want to listen into this interview about drastic life results with Toni Harris! Toni Harris is my guest on this … [Read more...]

Ignite your Content if you want to see your Business Grow Online!


Content online has proliferated. You've heard all the tips about regular publishing of great content, creating quality images that communicate, and more. Yet everyone is doing that.  Great content is everywhere.  So how can you compete? More importantly, if you have great content, but no … [Read more...]

Video Blogging that’s Savvy Sexy and Social!


Yes, I used the term "sexy" when talking about blogging, and in this case video blogging! Blogging and video blogging may not seem sexy, but Amy Schmittauer makes it so! Amy is my guest on this episode of the Halftime Mike podcast.  She's the founder and personality behind Savvy Sexy … [Read more...]